INTECHOPEN.COM: By Arwin Datumaya, Wahyudi Sumari and Adang Suwandi Ahmad. Submitted: July 15th 2017, Reviewed: November 28th 2017, Published: August 29th 2018, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.72764

Everest Group – Key AI Technologies & Capabilities

Computation within the human brain is not possible to be emulated 100% in artificial intelligence machines. Human brain has an awesome mechanism when performing computation with new knowledge as the end result.

In this chapter, we will show a new approach for emulating the computation that occurs within the human brain to obtain new knowledge as the time passes and makes the knowledge to become newer. Based on this phenomenon, we have built an intelligent system called the Knowledge-Growing System (KGS).

This approach is the basis for designing an agent that has ability to think and act rationally like a human, which is called the cognitive agent. Our cognitive modeling approach has resulted in a model of human information processing and a technique called Arwin-Adang-Aciek-Sembiring (A3S). This brain-inspired method opens a new perspective in AI known as cognitive artificial intelligence (CAI).

CAI computation can be applied to various applications, namely:

  1. Knowledge extraction in an integrated information system
  2. Probabilistic cognitive robot and coordination among autonomous agent systems
  3. Human health detection, and
  4. Electrical instrument measurement.

CAI provides a wide opportunity to yield various technologies and intelligent instrumentations as well as to encourage the development of cognitive science, which then encourages the intelligent systems approach to human intelligence.

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